Common Framework Architecture Overview

Customised Solutions [xxxx-1001-xxxx-xxxx]
xxxx - xxxx - xxxx - xxxx [PSCS - Id]
Product Id - System Id - Component Id - Sub Component Id
Operating System or Cloud Platform API*
IFU - Common Interface
UPR - Upper Interface
MID - Middle Interface
LOW - Lower Interface
CMU - Configuration Management
FMU - Fault Management
PMU - Performance Management
CMD - Command Management
CLK - Clock Management
DSN - Design Management

* Customer component,not part of our solution

Highlights - Inner Frame

- Platform independent/portable

- ANSI C Coding

- Loosely coupled software component

- Well defined API Interfaces

- Basic Test platform to test software components

- Integrate to build all existing and newer products

- Integrate to build customised solutions

- No third party components dependency

- Distributed Network Architecture

- Suitable for Software defined networks (SDN)

- Free Evaluation trial for components available

- 16 Alphanumeric Unique Identification

Highlights - Outer Frame

- Build Custom solution using combination of inner frame system component e.g Development and Testing Tools such as Simulators,Analysers,Test Equipment,network elements,SDN,NFV

- Upgrade your existing components for Reliability and maintainabilty

- Build your own network for your applications assuming operator system as nested network (a high speed link)

- Complete prototype of solutions can be ported in locally available ethernet modems and packaging with multiple unit via switches